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Hello and Welcome,

I am musician-composer&pianist and healer. I am Kiowa in spirit, Croation by birth and resident in Spain.The passion for music has led me to study it professionally and to look for its application in the field of healing and therapy. I have realized some years ago that I have a very special gift; I call it “healing music” or “music from the soul”. It is my true vocation, and I feel committed to it more and more every day. The most wonderful part of it is that my music helps people. This is something new and exciting, I am pioneer in this field. I am also very much involved in trauma-releasing therapy, and work on it togehter with a team of brilliant therapists all over the word. Recently I am working on karma-healing.

As composer I have done many different things: I have written fugues and string quartets, chamber and choir music, music for film and theatre, for children…I even formed a world music band Urania ( to have fun and enjoy music in a more popular way.

My music is recorded on different CDs of “serious music”, DVDs, on Internet there are two CDs: “Earthsoul” by Urania and “Quiet Corner” for piano solo. I also had a pleasure to work with verses of some great Spanish poets like Angel Gonzalez, Pedro Garcia Cabrera, Inés de la Cruz, Yolanda Arrieta, Antonio Gala, Rafael Alberti, etc. I enjoy composing lied very much; it is an exquisite and sublime work for me. I have also participated on a CD “Women of XXI” by Spanish pianist Esther Ropon that had its premiere in January of 2011 on Tenerife with another three female composers. The summer of 2011 Esther played my music in Japon and Sweeden, and Turkey most recently. I had piano recital of my sacred improvised music at the Abbey of Iona, and also in USA, England and Gemany. One of my most recent artistic projects is a performance "Tabula Rasa" togehter with ballet dancer Roberto Torres and choreographer Daniel Abreu. It had its world premiere in Madrid in May of 2013, and is beeing performed all over Spain.

I could say that my music reflects my life and the important experiences I have learnt from that have inspired me: astrological psychology of Liz Greene, Alejandro Jodorowsky and his vision of art for healing purposes , family constellations by Hellinger, Shamanistic vision of the world of Carlos Castaneda, the comprehension of the human psyche by Jung, Dostoyevsky and his mad intense books, surrealistic poets and painters…and many more. And of course, each and every individual that has come into my life and has helped me to become a person I am today starting with my parents and the family of origin. I also have a great time with my composition students at Tenerife Music Conservatory. And special thanks to Jose Luis, my friend, whose photos are on this page and who helps me with things I could never do like recording my music and helping my computers to stay alive.

In a year 2013 I had a great honor to be adopted by Kiowa Indians in Canada and consider them my spiritual family.

Thank you for visiting this page!

I wish you to have a colorful life and may the Joy be your companion!



Carlos Castaneda "The Eagle´s Gift":